How to Add Your School Sports News - FREE

All sports news, photos and videos can be posted from College, High School, Middle School, Youth and Club!

How to post:

  1. Create a free account in the top right.
  2. Click 'add post' on top right
  3. Click here to learn how to get more post views and to engage your local community in your games!
  • Each post must have at least one pic or video.(Videos must be uploaded to YouTube first)  You may post as little or as much about your team or game as you like.  You may post just scores, or add in who scored from each team etc. or even a whole story about the game
  • Please keep your posts positive.  Any negative posts will not be approved!
  • Anyone involved from your team may post on our site including: coaches, captains, team parents, or a student from your school! 
  • We will approve your posts within 3 hours! 
  • To gain visibility and improve your chances to be featured on our homepage, share your post with athletes and parents.  Use Facebook and social media to gain visibilty and encourage your team to do so as well! Sharing your posts on Local Facebook groups will also help gain visibility for your program and longer term, stronger teams and programs!
  • You may use a general team picture for games you do not have action shots for!

Make sure to talk to the English/Journalism teachers in your schools about their students reporting or even just writing features on your athletes! 

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: When a student covers a sport(s) fully for a season+ they can add to their resume and college applications! The positon would be Local Sports Reporter and Social Media Manager

Please make sure to use many tags so that content can be easily found by keywords.  Make sure to hit the enter key after each tag so they stay seprate.

Tagging Examples:

  • NY Section 1 Field Hockey
  • New York
  • NY
  • Pawling
  • Field Hockey
  • NY Section 1
  • Pawling High School